Founder’s message

One of the exciting factor that sets Nigerians apart from the rest of the civilized world is our ability to thoroughly enjoy ourselves without fear of censure. We are known for throwing the most raving parties and pivotal to the parties and events throughout Nigeria is the presence of a cake. Celebrations of all sort; birthday parties, weddings, child dedications and graduation parties cannot be deemed complete in the Nigerian context without a cake as their centerpiece. This is a key reason why the cake industry in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing industries ever with the Southern region of Nigeria alone being home to over 700 bakers.

Quite a number of cake events and festivals dedicated to the exposure and showing off of the cake industry do abound, but Cakemania comes with a distinctiveness as it is a platform created by a team of passionate and ingenious young bakers whose priority is to inspire, empower and promote young and budding bakers and the entire baking industry. Cakemania cheers creativity and determination as well as the development and promotion of talents in the cake industry with pastry based startups and bakers as the main focus.

Its third edition tagged Cakemania 2020 with the theme "Pride of Naija" promises a ramped up experience that will create a new status quo. Cakemania 2020 will present a grand exhibition of art and culture displayed in the beautiful creations of over 30 seasoned bakers.
It will surpass previous years experience that showcased several fascinating cake designs.

Cakemania 2020 hopes to reinvent the tension filled live cake decoration competition known as "The Sugar Wars" which will put 25 budding bakers against themselves in a live contest during the event. The top three aesthetically outstanding cake decorations will be adjudged the Victors in the War, with the First Prize Winner taking ownership of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA and A MIXER; Second Prize, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA and A MIXER and Third Prize, FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA and A MIXER. There will as well be consolation prizes and other giveaways. In the course of the event, awards and recognitions will be accorded several distinguished young bakers drawn from different parts of Nigeria as a way to applaud and encourage their craft.

Side attractions to anticipate on the day includes a buffet of over 4000 pieces of exquisite cake samples for tasting, seasoned drinks and food vendors that will be on standby as we are concerned with providing a full experience for the body and soul. Also an opulent cake carpet will be set up to enable the capturing and documentation of the sophistication of the day in pictures. The event will be spiced with lots of fun, comedy and music.

Brands and private individuals are invited to partner with the Cakemania platform as it avails the partners a veritable promotion opportunity asides the great service it renders to the baking/pastry ecosystem.