Theme Song

Theme Song

CakeMania Theme Song

CakeMania show has grown to become a household brand, thus, this year we decided to have a theme song for your favorite cake show.  The song was written and recorded by Usimeke, Mirobed and Forjay.



You are sweet
And you know it
You’re like a lolly in a pop you make my heart beat fast i
Should have known it
Should have stared at you much less
Now you’re in my system
And i dont know what to do
Everything about you makes me wanna play a fool

You give me you give me you give me you give me sugar (2x)


Cakemania sugarwars
And i’m gonna win (4x)

The sugar wars
No guns just brains and speed
The sugar wars
Won’t be sweet till i ate this cake
Aint no body tasting
but the feedback is I love the taste
I got the brain and speed
You must have heard of it
My blood is like red velvet
Look at how we elevate
Funny how this melanin cheeks say they love chocolate
Sugar wars
Let me skill go and fight for me
Cause i got creativity

Repeat chorus.

Verse 2.
When i’m thirsty i wanna drink you
When i’m hungry i wanna chop you
If i’m running i wanna run with you by my side
No sugar baby
Some sugar na diabetes
Some sugar na praying mantis
No sugar no be tease o
This love na me and you forever
Giving me something i want to call it my own
Giving me something i want to touch it my way

Repeat chorus
Oh o
Oh o
So i’m gonna win

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